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cockroaches control

Professional Cockroach Control in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

Getting a cockroach infestation in your house can be a nightmare. They carry several bacteria as well as other diseases and infections. Once they get inside your house, keeping them away from your food, storage, and living areas becomes very difficult. It is important to hire professional cockroach control contractors to eliminate roaches.

At 1st Choice Pest Services, we have worked with several customers and helped them get a pest-free home. Our solutions to cockroach control in Winnipeg are designed to help you eliminate the roaches from your house and ensure they won't return anytime soon. Please contact our team today to learn more about how we can help.

Causes of Cockroach Infestation

Unhygienic conditions, in general, are the primary cause of cockroach infestations. If you are looking for specific points, here are a few:

Poor sanitation

Food and water sources


Cockroaches are resourceful and can enter your home through several routes. Once they enter and start multiplying, it gets very unhygienic; removing them can be quite challenging. We suggest you contact us as soon as you see one present in your house. If you wish to know more about cockroach control, feel free to call us. You can also refer to our carefully curated list of FAQs.


Necessary Preparations You Must Do Before Cockroach Control

Getting your home ready for cockroach control services in Winnipeg? Make sure you do these necessary preparations before our team arrives:

Thoroughly clean the home before the process starts, so it will be easier for us to attract cockroaches using the bait.

Ensure all the food items are covered properly, and baby toys, clothes, crib, or dressing tables are covered.

Clean the areas under appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and washing machines.

Ensure that the areas where cockroaches are most likely to emerge are easily accessible to cockroach control professionals.

All baseboards accessible.

All kitchen and bathroom cupboards are cleared out.


Contact Us for Cockroach Control in Winnipeg

Over the years, we have helped several property owners across Winnipeg to get rid of cockroaches that can cause a nuisance inside your house. If you are also concerned about cockroaches roaming around your house, make sure you set up an appointment with our cockroach control specialists in Winnipeg. You can also read our client testimonials to see what some clients have to say about our work.

Cockroach Control Services

Let our team make sure that you have a cockroach-free home.

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